• Accountant Law

    Accounting firms throughout the country rely on our successful track record defending firms against professional malpractice claims.

  • Business Law

    We are trusted advisors to clients facing the challenges of management, ownership transition, and next-stage growth strategies.

  • Communications

    We offer comprehensive representation to clients with regard to business, regulatory, corporate, and transactional matters.

  • Construction Law

    We advise on both public and private construction projects, from design and planning to contract negotiation, preparation, bidding and review, construction, surety/bond issues, and insurance coverage and claims.

  • Energy and Public Utilities

    We provide regulatory advocacy and transactional services to investor-owned and cooperative electric and other utility clients across the country.

  • Family Law

    We offer a unique blend of creativity, common sense, and compassion, backed by decades of experience in the most personal of legal practices.

  • Financial Services

    We manage clients’ challenges in an ever-changing business environment. Knowing which issues to negotiate or litigate and which to resolve at an early stage is crucial. We help clients evaluate strategy, tactics, and possible outcomes.

  • Intellectual Property

    Our IP counsel extends beyond mere protection. We also advise clients on strategically leveraging and monetizing their most valuable business IP assets.

  • Litigation

    We provide innovative thinking and creative litigation strategies to businesses and individuals nationwide facing complex disputes.

  • Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Finance

    We advise a full range of private and publicly owned providers of commercial real estate debt – including mortgage banks; investment advisors; life insurance companies; and community, regional, and money center banks.

  • Real Estate

    We represent clients in all aspects of acquisition, development, leasing, and financing transactions.

  • Wealth Preservation and Estate Planning

    Beyond our technical skills in the tax and legal arenas, we are known for listening to our clients and designing individualized estate plans to meet their wishes and goals.