Construction Law Attorney Aaron Dean: North Dakota Still Not Paying its Bills ("News & Views with Joel Heitkamp")

Aaron Dean represented Comstock Construction, a Wahpeton construction company, in its lawsuit against the state of North Dakota - and won. The legal action sought payment for unpaid construction work the firm did on the North Dakota Heritage Center. The $1.4 million judgment was made in December 2017, but Comstock has yet to see that promise fulfilled. He says the second partial payment in the amount of $650,000 is supposed to be paid out this week. But Dean says it's a mystery as to why the full amount has yet to be satisfied, adding that interest accrues at a 2.25 percent rate or $86.61 per day. In addition to the Comstock lawsuit, Aaron is also now representing Roers Construction in a case against NDSU over the construction work the firm did on the university's new STEM building.