What is a construction “bid” and does the bidding process precipitate disputes? (Aaron Dean discusses with "Reel Lawyers")


Boy, that’s a short question, but a long answer, and I’ll tackle the second half first. The bidding process varies for both public jobs and then private jobs. A bid is just an offer to perform work. And the bidding process precipitates enumerable disputes. Handling one as of this morning. On public construction projects you typically see bidding disputes caused by a question about the adequacy of someone’s bid, at least to a bid protest. I’ve handled over 50 bid protests on public construction projects. On both public and private projects, bid disputes can really call into question the scope of work that the contractor was asked to perform and then the form of the contract, whether their bid is incorporated into the contract. There’s many, many areas that are just right for disputes with bids, so it’s something that every contractor needs to pay particular attention to and be care of.