How can I best prepare for an OSHA investigation? (Aaron Dean discusses with "Reel Lawyers")


Through hard work. It’s a task that requires absolute endurance. So you have to be prepared to train your employees. You have to constantly and vigilantly update your safety rules and manuals. You have to do surprise inspections and audits of your jobsites. You have to communicate to your employees that the culture of safety within your company is first and foremost. There is no more important goal at the company than ensuring that employees go home safely each and every night.

And then when you find violations of safety rules, you have to make sure that employees are disciplined. And making sure that contractors and manufacturers have a constant and vigilant approach to their safety record really is the difference between staying in business or going out of business. So many private construction projects and public construction contracts are now being awarded based on a contractor safety record. So if contractors were not paying attention to safety in the past, they have no choice, except to pay attention to safety going forward if they want to stay in business.

A company safety director is just as important as the contractor’s best estimator or project manager. It makes the difference between staying in business and going out of business.