Negotiating Construction Contracts

Minnesota Subcontractors Association, Midland Hills Country Club, 2001 Fulham Street, Roseville, MN

"No one else is questioning that." Who hasn't heard that when negotiating a construction contract. Contract terms are negotiable and you need to understand what to ask for and how to present your position. This seminar is a opportunity to hear an experienced Minnesota construction attorney address key issues that will help you protect your company’s interests and assets. We will cover:

  • What the General Contractor wants to hear.
  • The importance of Scope Clarification.
  • Clearing up Scheduling Questions.
  • Delegation of Design Responsibility.
  • Understanding General Contractor concerns that can work to your advantage.
  • Changes & Extra Work.
  • Indemnification Provisions.
  • Additional Insured Provisions.
  • Stop Work Provisions.
  • Contingent Payment Provisions.
  • Contract Termination Provisions.

The presentation and ensuing discussion will also give you the opportunity to learn how other subcontractors have handled similar issues.