OSHA Investigations & Responding to Citations

Mahowald Webinar
08.23.2021 | 11:00 a.m. (CT)

An OSHA inspector arrives at your job site or manufacturing facility just before lunch on a Monday. This was not the way you were planning to start the work week.

When OSHA conducts an inspection, OSHA issues Citations about 70% of the time. By attending this webinar, you can learn how to be in the 30% of employers who do not receive OSHA Citations even if OSHA conducts a site visit. You will also learn how to defend against OSHA Citations.

Learn how your company’s safety record impacts your ability to bid on projects, compete for government contracts, experience mod factor, insurance premiums, and other considerations.

In this presentation, you learn:

  • What are the first five things that I do if OSHA shows up on-site?
  • Can I get a lawyer involved and, if so, what are the advantages?
  • How do I handle witness interviews of management employees and non-management employees?
  • Do I agree to be audio recorded when OSHA interviews me?
  • What steps can I take during the Opening Conference and walk-around with the OSHA inspector to put my company in the best possible light?
  • If OSHA issues a Citation, then what?
  • If OSHA issues a Citation with a small fine, then do I pay the fine and hope for the best or are there unintended consequences of agreeing to be liable to an OSHA Citation?