Aaron A. Dean and Moss & Barnett Sponsor Minnesota Subcontractors Association's "Construction Technology Showcase"

Midland Hills Country Club, 2001 Fulham Street, Roseville, MN

Minnesota Subcontractors Association (MSA) is proud to announce that Robert McKinney will be the presenter at their first Construction Tech Showcase. Known nationwide as the "Construction App Guru," Mr. McKinney travels around the country as a leading authority on Construction Applications and construction technology. He is a member of the JB Knowledge consulting team that assists general contractors and subcontractors who are interested in using apps and software to improve their process and deliver a higher level of service to their clients. He serves as the curator of the www.conappguru.com blog site and publishes weekly blog articles about new apps and how to solve workflows in the construction industry.

As technology proliferates, it's critical for subs to utilize current technology applications across all key facets of their operations. Rob received outstanding reviews tor this program before the Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts. Rob will review some of the latest and greatest apps for enhancing performance and profitability on the job site.