Table of Experts: Women in Law (Jana Aune Deach, Panelist)

Holly Dolezalek, Contributing Writer
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal held a panel discussion recently about women in law. Panelists included Anne Regan, an attorney at Hellmuth & Johnson; Jana Aune Deach, an attorney at Moss & Barnett; and Melinda Hugdahl, an attorney and development director at Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid. Kathy Robideau, market president and publisher for the Business Journal, served as moderator.

Questions for the panelists included:

  • What do women attorneys love about practicing law?
  • How have your views on mentorship changed, if at all, over the course of your legal career?
  • What is some of the worst advice or direction that you've received on how to be a woman lawyer?
  • Because work-life balance doesn't exist. I think we've all come to terms with that?
  • How does your firm support women obtaining leadership roles?
  • Tell us about a time that you had to be bold about change. What advice would you offer our readers on what lesson you learned from that?

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Table of Experts: Women in Law

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