What are some issues I need to consider before creating an estate plan? (Nick Kaster discusses with "Reel Lawyers")


Well, I think when I work with families it’s you have to have the thoughts about well, what happens if both mom and dad or mom or dad isn’t here anymore. Who’s going to take care of the money for the children? Who’s going to take care of the children? So when I work with families that’s usually where we start. That is in all cases the most important and most valuable asset is the family members. So we always start with the kids and we have that uncomfortable conversation about well, what if? So that’s a really frequent question that’s where I like to start. And then once we get through that family what happens to the kids and the money sort of thing, then we kind of branch out and we look at do we have special issues within a family. Do we have a child with special needs that requires some special provisions in a will or a trust? And then we just kind of build out from there and we try and contemplate all the various things that may happen. We never want for them to happen but that’s plan for the worst and hope for the best I think is the phrase we like to use.