If I don’t have an “estate” do I still need an estate plan? (Nick Kaster discusses with "Reel Lawyers")


I think there’s a misunderstanding about what an estate is. It doesn’t mean you have the big countryside manor or millions and millions of dollars. And estate is what your things are and they may not have monetary value but they have sentimental value. One of my favorite client stories is that we were having this very conversation and in follow up to our initial conversation and meeting with these clients, they went home and talked to their kids about well, what’s valuable to you? And this family had a tradition of having ice cream sundaes on Saturday afternoons and so one of the sons wanted the ice cream scoop and that was valuable to him. And so it was very revealing to the mom and dad that we might not have monetary assets but we do have things of value to our children. So I think everybody has an estate it’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.