"Navigate Your Way Through Divorce," 7th Annual Divorcing Divas Conference

Divorcing Divas 7th Annual Conference, Minneapolis Marriott West, 9960 Wayzata Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN 55426

Moss & Barnett is pleased to be the Platinum Sponsor of "Navigate Your Way through Divorce," the 7th Annual Divorcing Divas Conference, offering encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment for individuals who are considering divorce, getting divorced, or are divorced.

Moss & Barnett attorneys Cindy Ackerman and Jana Aune Deach will be presenting the morning keynote:

"Here Be Dragons: Conquer Your Fear of the Unknown and Gain Knowledge to Design Your Roadmap to the Future"

The entertainment industry, social media, and our own personal social networks have negatively portrayed the divorce process and its outcome for many decades. As a result, the idea of divorce and starting over comes with many emotional, social, and financial reservations and assumed barriers, leading to the fear of the unknown reality of what your life may look like after divorce. By demystifying the divorce process itself, this presentation will help you gain knowledge and insight about what to expect in this journey and how to prepare for your next chapter in life.

Moss & Barnett family law attorney, Jana Aune Deach, will present the following breakout session:

What's Yours is Yours and What's Mine is Mine: Is This My Future Reality?

You have all of your financial papers in order, now how does this financial puzzle fit together under divorce law? This session will help you understand how all the financial pieces fit together in the divorce process and provide an understanding of the legal concepts of property division, child support, and spousal maintenance in a divorce. Knowledge of this information will help you establish realistic expectations and participate in goal setting for your new future.

Moss & Barnett estate planning attorney, Cindy Ackerman, will present the following breakout session:

Building a Legacy in a Brave New World: Estate Planning Tools to Protect You and Your Family

After navigating your way through divorce, uncertainties still exist. What if something happens to you? Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Designation of Guardians, Beneficiary Designations, Wills, Trusts (including trusts to protect special needs children) are estate planning tools you may employ to lay a secure foundation for you and your family.

Cindy Ackerman

Jana Aune Deach