Caring for an Aging Parent While Also Caring for a Family and Growing a Business

Moss & Barnett legal professionals offer counsel that delivers results for our clients. Below is an example of how Mary Frances has achieved positive outcomes for families facing health challenges, disability, and aging. All names are fictitious, and the facts of each case study are not based on one particular client or case.

Issue: Brian, a busy entrepreneur, is married with two kids. Brian and his wife are consumed with a growing business opportunity. His mother was widowed last year and has been relying on Brian and his family for social opportunities and household maintenance. Recently, Brian has noticed his mother is showing signs of memory loss. He is also concerned about his mother’s driving and need for support with financial management. His mother updated her estate plan following the loss of her spouse, and she named Brian as her attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney.

Challenge: Brian is extremely busy with the demands of his work and family. He cares deeply for his mother and wants to understand how to support his mom as her needs are changing. Brian wants to understand resources that can help him address his mother’s needs.

Action: We worked with Brian to review his mother’s estate plan to make sure her assets were correctly positioned to avoid probate. We developed a plan to get a good evaluation of his mother’s current medical status and driving fitness, identified bookkeeper services to assist Brian with monthly management of his mother’s finances, referred Brian to a professional geriatric care manager to be available to attend medical appointments with his mother, and developed a plan to pay for his mother’s future expenses for assisted living.

Result: Brian has a comprehensive plan with professional support to help his mother so that he can focus on being her son and meeting the demands of his family and work.