The Law of Lawyers' Liability, Fifty-State Survey of Legal Malpractice (Minnesota Chapter)

Charles E. Jones (co-authored with Bradley M. Jones)
American Bar Association, Litigation Section, Professional Services Liability Litigation Committee

Charles Jones is the co-author of the State of Minnesota chapter in The Law of Lawyers' Liability, Fifty-State Survey of Legal Malpractice, published by the American Bar Association, Section of Litigation, Professional Services Liability Litigation Committee. The recent popularity of suits against lawyers has highlighted a number of issues that distinguish the claim from the run-of-the-mill negligence to cause of action. Lawyers who prosecute or defend legal malpractice claims must understand their state's legal malpractice laws and, when a claim involves multiple jurisdictions. This guide provides a state-by-state review of laws in each state pertaining to the laws of lawyer liability. Each chapter is devoted to the law of each state, written by lawyers in that particular state for easy comparison. Whether a lawyer is involved in litigating legal malpractice actions or merely wants to understand more about these matters, this book is intended to serve as a resource to how the law varies state by state.