Regulation of Minnesota Radon Contractors is Headed to Court (Stuart V. Campbell quoted)

Star Tribune

Stuart V. Campbell, a member of Moss & Barnett's litigation team, was quoted in the Star Tribune article, "Regulation of Minnesota Radon Contractors is Headed to Court" (written by Glenn Howatt, Jan. 7, 2020). Excerpts from that article appear below.

Large portions of the law don’t advance consumer safety, they just create a burden on small business owners that is going to drive up the cost for consumers to get radon testing and mitigation performed,” said Stuart Campbell, an attorney with Moss and Barnett in Minneapolis, which represents the industry group. Standard Water Control Systems Inc. in Crystal is also a plaintiff.

* * *

Campbell said the industry group does not oppose all regulations but believes it would be better for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry to oversee the industry since it regulates radon mitigation in new construction. “MDH has come up with these rules without substantial consultation with the industry,” he said.

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