Emerging IP Trends to Know In 2020 – What 14 Top Experts Say (Michael A. Bondi quoted)

The PCT Network

Michael A. Bondi, a member of Moss & Barnett's intellectual property team, was quoted in the The PCT Network article, "Emerging IP Trends to Know In 2020 – What 14 Top Experts Say" (March 23, 2020). Excerpts from that article appear below.

With an increase in innovation, inventions, and access to production, the world of foreign filing is quickly growing smaller and moving faster. This is evident from the year over year growth of patent and trademark application filings.

In 2018, innovators across the globe filed 3.3 million patent applications, up 5.2% for a ninth straight yearly increase, according to WIPO’s annual World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI) report. In addition, within the last 10 years, 2008 – 2018, global patent filings also showed continued overall growth, 72.3% (1.9 million to 3.3 million), trademarks increased 159.9% (5.5 million to 14.3 million), and industrial designs are up 61.1% (814,000 to 1.3 million).

Although 2020 is still uncertain due to COVID-19 and the impact it’s having on the global economy, innovators are still filing patents and trademarks, and IP professionals, firms, and official offices around the world are applying new efficiencies and updates to constantly improve the foreign filing process, everything from technology, automation, and communication to updated policies and health/environmental considerations. – We asked 14 top IP experts from around the world to find out what emerging trends we should expect this year.

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14. Michael Bondi

More pressure on cost control when filing patents and trademarks into a growing number of regions. In regions, for example, like India and China where the work is done through the local law firms and not through government offices like the USPTO, patent and trademark filers tend to want to reduce cost by receiving the documents without any review and comments and only ask for comments when desired. In addition, there are more requests for the cost to complete each project such as filing a response, where associates in other parts of the world assume that it will be handled by the other associate in a cost-effective manner.

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