Don't Try to Take Vlad Gribovsky's Wallet (Michael Bondi mentioned)


Michael Bondi, a member of Moss & Barnett's intellectual property team, was mentioned in the StarTribune article, "Don't Try to Take Vlad Gribovsky's Wallet" (written by Neal St. Anthony, April 18, 2016). Excerpts from that article appear below.

Google ceased after Gribovski’s IP lawyer, Mike Bondi, wrote the Internet-search giant a letter a couple of years ago to warn that TPK “is prepared to take appropriate action to protect its rights in its registered mark Back Saver Wallet.”

Bondi wrote another letter this month, this time to retail giant Staples. He accused Staples of wrongfully peddling a “Back Saver Wallet” on its website in an effort to “misdirect potential customers from purchasing the genuine Back Saver Wallet, which is not available for purchase” on the Staples website.

The Staples legal department acknowledged Bondi’s letter last week. But a spokesman declined to comment.

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