Collectors Calling on Federal Debt May Now Use ATDS to Dial Cell Phones? (John Rossman quoted)


John Rossman, chair of Moss & Barnett's creditors' remedies and bankruptcy team, was quoted in the article, "Collectors Calling on Federal Debt May Now Use ATDS to Dial Cell Phones?" (written by Stephanie Eidelman, Nov. 5, 2015). Excerpts from that article appear below.

"Last week I wrote about the latest budget deal working through Congress, and its inclusion of a provision to allow those collecting federal student loans to call consumer cell phones using an autodialer (ATDS). That two-year budget has since passed the Senate Friday by a vote of 64 to 35, and was signed into law yesterday by President Obama.

I asked a range of industry sources if they’d like to comment on the new law. Here’s what people are saying:

John K. Rossman, Attorney, Moss & Barnett: 'Clearly our government recognizes that the TCPA places unreasonable restrictions on communicating with consumer on cell phones. Further, most consumer advocates agree consumers would prefer to be contacted on their cell phones to learn about debts that are in default. It defies common sense for Congress to allow ATDS initiated communications to consumers’ cell phones when calls are made regarding student loans, but require different rules when other types of debt are involved. However, I guarantee that once election season kicks into full gear in 2016, the legislators in Washington will be back again amending the TCPA to exempt political calls from coverage under the TCPA.'"

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