What is Your Experience in Accountant Law? (Tom Shroyer discusses with "Reel Lawyers")


I’ve been working in the defense of certified public accountants since 1980, when I was a very young lawyer at the time and we picked up our first lawsuit against a CPA. And the case, of course, came into one of our senior partners, not to a young tadpole like me, and the senior lawyer got an eyeful of six humongous files of handwritten work papers, spreadsheets, financial statements and threw up his hands and said, “This is for Shroyer.” And so it was downhill, in effect, from there on, as really what happened is that the whole area exploded. That was in the early 1980s. There was a huge crisis in terms of tort liability at that time. CPAs suddenly found themselves unable to even buy malpractice insurance, and so was a brand-new field, really grew fast and I got in on the ground floor.