Litigation Strategies The New Norm Part I

ReadyTalk Audio & Web Conferencing Webinar

Participants in the receivables management industry face numerous challenges as they attempt to navigate the aggressive enforcement actions and regulatory uncertainty created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) among others. The threat of civil investigations and enforcement actions have many companies in the accounts receivable industry updating their compliance management systems.

Understanding when and how best to utilize litigation strategies for the successful collection of debt or to reduce exposure is key to a successful outcome. This webinar analyzes the hot-button issues facing debt buyers and the receivables management industry from both a compliance and litigation management perspective. From key lessons learned from recent Consent Orders, the myriad questions and concerns related to “Meaningful Involvement,” to understanding the legal recovery process, attendees will have plenty of “aha moments” and new insights in this two-part webinar series.

Part I of the Litigation Strategies webinar will cover the following areas:

Outline the key lessons learned from the recent Consent Orders

Define and explain what is involved with “Meaningful Involvement”

  • Expectation of consumer debt collection lawyers to place less reliance upon their staff
  • What Documentation should be in hand prior to engaging in collection efforts
  • What is involved with documenting one’s meaningful involvement
  • How should Debt Buyers and Debt collection law firms alike assess risk in light of the CFPB consent order