Keynote Presentation: Celebrating Access in the Midst of Challenges

Chula Vista Resort, 1000 Chula Vista Parkway, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
05.09.2019 | 12:00 p.m.

Our core mission, to build an interactive local media that is accessible to everyone and reflects the needs and interests of our communities, has never been more important. In this divisive political landscape, local voices, local stories, and true community dialog about critical human issues need to be elevated. But perhaps it is no surprise that PEG media and local franchise fees are facing serious threats. Hear the latest updates on FCC proceedings, court cases, and federal and state legislation that impact funding, the definition of "public forum," and wireless/small cell siting in the right-of-way – all issues that pit local control and local revenues against the financial interests of telecommunications companies. How do PEG and local media issues relate to rights-of-way and local control? What can PEG stations and local governments do to take action on these issues? How can we learn from each other and share resources?