Thomas J. Shroyer, Attorney

Accountant/Professional Liability Law Video Q&A

There are unique challenges for accountants and accounting firms when providing professional services to their clients. Tom Shroyer recently sat down with ReelLawyers to discuss his experience in the area of accountant/professional liability law.

  1. What is accountant law?
  2. What is professional liability? 
  3. What is your experience in accountant law? 
  4. How did you get into the area of accountant law? 
  5. What is the accountant law practice group like at Moss & Barnett? 
  6. What can accountants be held liable for? 
  7. What should a CPA do when facing a possible conflict of interest? 
  8. How can accountants mitigate the risk of professional liability? 
  9. What are some best practices to avoiding professional liability? 
  10. What is the threshold for proving professional liability? 
  11. Who pays if an accountant is found liable for professional misconduct? 
  12. What advice do you have for an accountant facing professional liability? 
  13. There are allegations against our company accusing an improper audit, what should we do? 
  14. What financial information are companies required to disclose under current regulations? 
  15. How long does a CPA firm need to retain client records and work papers? 
  16. What are unique challenges that large accounting firms face compared to solo accountants? 
  17. When can an accountant lose their license? 
  18. Can an accountant get their professional license reinstated after it has been revoked? 
  19. What are some memorable accounting cases you have worked on? 
  20. What do you enjoy about practicing in the area of accountant law? 

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