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From Collector: Getting Started (David D. Cherner quoted)

Dave Cherner, a member of Moss & Barnett's creditors' remedies and bankruptcy team, was quoted in the Collector magazine article, "From Collector: Getting Started" (Jan. 2018 issue). Excepts from that article appear below.

It’s a cliché we all know and love: “New year, new you.” January can feel like a fresh start—a time when all things are possible. Looking for some goal-setting inspiration?

Collector magazine editor Anne Rosso May interviewed ACA International members about their resolutions for 2018 for the January issue.

For example, David Cherner, attorney, Moss & Barnett, set his sights on learning more strategies to help his clients.

“The industry is quickly evolving toward converting more unstructured data (i.e. call recordings, call notes) to structured data, which helps drive improved operational and risk analysis. My resolution is to continue learning about structured analysis to help our clients take a more data-driven approach to operation, compliance and litigation management.”