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2018 Employee Longevity Awards

Our most valuable assets are: Our People. 

Every year, we honor our employees for their years of service in 5-year increments. This year's honorees range from 5 years all to way to 35 years! They include Shelly DoerrDebbie WeinstockMartha Berreman, Susan Mead, Barb Knoll (not pictured), Laurel McKenney, Pam Dean, Linda Jensen, Maureen Montpetit, Terri HammerLoralee Berle, Robin Gipson, Mara Gollin-Garrett, Linda Carolan (not pictured), Marva Smith, Todd Forrester, Michelle Harren, and Jodi Newsom (all pictured with our President, Brian T. Grogan).

Congratulations and thank you to all!

Shelly Doerr

Debbie Weinstock

Martha Berreman

Susan Mead

Laurel McKenney

Pam Dean

Linda Jensen

Maureen Montpetit

Terri Hammer

Loralee Berle

Robin Gipson

Mara Gollin-Garrett

Pat Egdorf

Marva Smith

Todd Forrester

Michelle Harren

Jodi Newsom