Litigation Management

Moss & Barnett’s structure and staffing allow us to craft efficient litigation teams that place the strongest talent on every case. We configure litigation teams according to the complexity of the case and on the skill and style necessary to achieve our clients’ goals. Our attorneys focus on achieving results for our clients by providing a quality, cost-effective, and customized approach in each representation. When appropriate to the case, we pull in resources from other areas of the firm, such as bankruptcy, business law, corporate finance, family law, real estate, and wealth preservation

Mitigating the Risks of Litigation  

A cornerstone of our litigation practice is comprehensive counseling to avoid litigation whenever practical. Whether minimizing the likelihood of litigation or reducing our clients’ exposure, we pursue a preventive strategy without compromising our clients’ position should litigation arise and eventually lead to trial.

Litigation Technology Resources  

Moss & Barnett maintains state-of-the-art technology and software that streamlines our case management and enhances our efficiency. Our technology also provides a communications platform for effective and efficient information-sharing with our clients. We have used advanced technology to simplify and effectively communicate complex issues to juries, judges, and arbitrators.