Family Law

Working With Families

The family law attorneys at Moss & Barnett understand that the working notion of “family” is ever changing, and we are committed to improving Minnesota family law to meet the challenges and unique circumstances of individual clients and their families.  

We educate, advise, and advocate for our clients, helping them make clear, rational decisions in the face of sensitive personal issues. Because Moss & Barnett is a full-service law firm, our family law team offers clients unique and cost-effective support from other Moss & Barnett attorneys practicing in business, trusts and estates, tax law, real property, and employee and retirement benefits.

A Common-Sense Approach

The legal process can exact a financial and emotional toll on clients in family law matters. Our “common sense” commitment to resolving our clients’ disputes seeks to mitigate the inherent difficulties. To minimize the adversarial nature of the process, we consider various alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, early neutral evaluation, arbitration, and moderated settlement conferences.

Ultimately, the Moss & Barnett family law team seeks to guide clients through difficult personal matters, to enable them to do the right thing for themselves, their family members, their business or professional relationships, and all others affected by the matter.